What is BurnFree.org?

We are a non-profit organization that seeks to put an end to destructive agricultural-burning practices across Thailand.

Our goal is to change the belief that burning is the only solution to dispose of crop residue and to stabilize carbon in the soil. We can prove that there are other more environmentally friendly approaches that are not only less polluting, but more profitable too.

  • We want the public to take a stand and demand a change in agricultural practice and stop unnecessary crop burning that is polluting the air we breathe

  • We want farms to change their behavior and discover more environmentally friendly farming methods for the disposal of crop residue and the remineralization and fertilization of soil

  • And we want food markets to set a new standard that that recognizes ‘burn-free farming’ as the solution to the smoke pollution caused by agricultural-burning practice

The Thai government is fully aware of this humanitarian disaster but every year, despite local and national bans and threats of prosecution, most farms continue to ignore government ‘warnings’ and break the law. We cannot wait any longer for the government to deliver on their empty promises; we have not seen any concerted effort to enforce the ‘no burn’ policy and so this is where we (you) come in…

It really comes down to respect for others. Our air is a shared resource and selfish burning hurts everyone. 

Ryan Chappell • Chiang Mai business owner

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to encourage the public to demand ‘burn free’ farmed foods. We all know that demand dictates supply, but, instead of price as currency, we believe air quality should drive demand.

Observe our supply & demand model and see where you fit in and how to join us. Click on the appropriate part of the circle to find out more


    Do you want improved air quality during the agricultural ‘burn-off’ season (Dec-April)?

    You can demand that farms stop agricultural burning, and see air pollutions level drop significantly across Thailand

    We need to speak out.Not just one voice, but the voice of a nation. A nation that takes responsibility for their actions and that can deliver a message to those that can make a change.

    Join us, and demand a change in agricultural practice to stop unnecessary crop burning that is polluting the air we breathe

  • FARMS Are you a farm practicing burn-free agriculture?

    Join us, and we will publish your farm / organization here – you will be recognized as a farm that practices burn-free agriculture.  Support our cause and contribute to a better air quality across Thailand

  • FOOD RETAIL / MARKET PLACE [these would be links on the diagram and then a separate page to each]

    Do you want to change environmental standards across Thailand?

    You can support us by recognizing farms that practice burn-free agricultural methods.

    • Allocate special ‘burn-free’ product zones in your stores
    • Educate the public on the importance of burn-free agriculture
    • Demand that farms/suppliers change agricultural practices that will contribute to a better air quality across Thailand

    Join us, and contribute to a better air quality across Thailand


The public can demand food products that are produced with burn free farming putting pressure on both farms and retailers to support burn free farming practices


In time this pressure will translate to preferential placement of goods produced with burn free farming practices.


With public and retail pressure more farms will be encouraged to take the burn free pledge and produce goods with burn free practices.